Saturday, January 22, 2011

It’s Definitely Who You Know

They took Rick down to surgery and we went down to the lobby where all the evening "next of kin" waited for the doctors to come from surgery with the status report.  Steve, Suzy, Rick’s mom and Paul were there with me waiting for him.  It was a dismal sentiment that filled the air. 

We chatted about how much pain he was in, how this was nerve-racking and anything we could think of to pass the time.  Since he had been in the hospital Rick had been tested, scanned, radiated and poisoned with chemo on a daily basis.  He was looking pale and bloated and had that far-away look from all the medications.  The chemo had killed his appetite and everything he ate tasted like metal.  Oh, the joys of cancer!

Across the lobby a small doctor in purple scrubs emerged and I went to see him.  As I walked to him, he could see how upset I was and he said, “He’s okay.  It all came out fine.”he said as he hugged me.  I told him that it all happened so quickly and that Rick was is in so much pain. “Why isn’t he in an orthopedic bed?” he asked. I told him, “They talked about it on the first day he was here and then they said that they didn’t have any spare ones and that they were working on it.”  I looked at him and I said,” So you’re saying I should ask them again?”  He smiled, “No Jane, I’m telling you, I’ll take care of it.  Hang in there.  I’ll check on him tomorrow”.  I thanked him and walked back to Rick’s family.

“What happened?” they said looking at me strangely.   He talked to you for so long.  “Everything’s fine.” I said.  “Oh thank God!” they shouted clearly relieved.  Steve said, “We saw that the doctor hugged you and we thought Rick died!  You gave us a heart attack.”  “Oh, oh, I’m so sorry!  It was Dr. Hassan; I know him. He’s treated me before.” I explained and we all began to laugh.

We made our way back up to 9 West to Rick’s private room.  As we rounded the corner, we could see that someone was at his door delivering his new orthopedic bed. This bed had a hand pull above that he could grip to get out of bed and a new mattress to boot.  I guess it does helps to have friends in high places.

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  1. Okay, I'm hooked. I know your story but I am waiting to read your written word. You really make the reader feel like they are walking in your shoes. I'm bonding with you as a writer.