Tuesday, February 22, 2011

May 15th

The teachers at school were pretty embarrassed about the whole Valentine's Day debacle.  There were no more calls from Gary and things were looking up.  Our first date was on October 15th; Rick, a hopeless romantic, told me he never wanted things to get old between us so we celebrated monthly on the 15th. My sweet man would send me the mushiest cards each month and I would reciprocate as well.

On May 15th I happened to plan a first grade children’s mass and dinner for my class and their families.  I played my guitar and the children sang for their families. It was an evening mass and dear, Mary Stevens planned a dinner to follow the mass which she whipped up in the school cafeteria.  I invited Rick to come and I’m pretty sure that Steve and the pastor celebrated the mass.  It was a crazy night.  My students knew Rick and were talking to him.  I had to make the rounds at the tables and then it was clean-up time.  I started into the kitchen to help Mary and she kicked me out.  “Go, I can do it.  You and Rick have some time together. You’ve done enough for today.”

Rick and I were happy to get out of there.  We walked out of the building and I could feel the rush of cold air on me.  It felt great. I had run around so much that evening that I was over-heated.  The night air was refreshing. Rick walked me to my car and said he would meet me over at my apartment.  He followed me. 

We arrived at my apartment complex and parked.  I was so exhausted from the night.  I got out of my car and Rick stood at the side of his car and said to hop in.  I was a little confused.  “What?”  I asked.  He got back in the car and opened the passenger side for me.  “Come and sit for a second.” he said.  I was exhausted and dying to get into comfortable clothes but okay, I got in.

Rick looked at me very seriously and said, “I love you, Janie and always will.  Jane Anne Margaret Mulhern will you marry me?”  He handed me a box and I opened it to find a beautiful solitaire diamond.  This was the kind of moment that just took my breath away.  “Yes, Ricky,” I replied grinning ear to ear and we kissed and kissed and kissed. “Let’s go in and call your mom.” I said.  Rick told her and she said to come over that she had a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

We drove over and arrived at the house and saw Steve’s and Suzy’s cars outside.  We went in and there they were, along with Rick’s mom and Mary and Maurie Stevens.  Rick had told Mary earlier in the evening so that I would leave the school.  She called Rick’s mom and Suzy and told them.  They were just waiting for Rick to call and tell his mom.  They hugged us and congratulated us and tipped their glasses of champagne to us.  I was on my way to a lifetime of loving Rick.

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  1. We never know how long a lifetime may be... but in a loving relationship, a couple might enjoy a lifetime in each day!