Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On Our Way

Buying a house can be a scary thing.  I came home from signing and had instant memory lapses of what I just bought.  These were not the days of digital cameras.  I tried to remember what I saw.  They were the smaller details as this house was similar to Karen’s and Paul’s home without a large addition they had in the back.

A fair-sized living room and dining room were to the left as I walked in.  There was Berber carpet going up the stairs to the second floor.  To the right was a small powder room, nothing fancy or redecorated.  Down the short hall was the kitchen, my favorite room.  It had a vinyl floor, bright and shiny with light oak colored cabinets and a new counter top.  The sink and appliances were all new.  It was spacious and had a great closet for a pantry with louvered doors.

There was a small family room to the right with a brick fireplace; the back wall had sliding glass doors that led to the sunroom.  This is where I was excited to get started decorating.  This room was surrounded by four sets of sliding doors and topped with two skylights.

It had a partially finished basement where the boys could hang out and the other side had a nice wash area.  There was terrific storage space with a crawl space that was completely dry and enclosed.  I would finally have enough room for our things!

Upstairs were for bedrooms and two full baths.  The master bedroom was so enormous compared to Poplar Rd and had a big walk-in closet.

The house was eight doors down the street from Karen and Paul.  I was happy that everything just fell together.  The house was a clean palate with neutral colors everywhere.  The landscaping would need work but that would wait.

I brought the boys over to see the house and they immediately fell in love with it.  The novelty of being down the street from their cousins was enough to seal the deal for them.  We were on our way. 

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  1. I loved that little house. I have so many good memories of it.