Monday, April 11, 2011

The Year Mark

We had made it through the first year and then some.  We were in our new home.  It was quite an adventure; I was extremely excited to think about decorating this house and making it my own,  It was a clean palette.

I remember when Rick and I first met.  He was working in a furniture store and I was barely getting by as a teacher.  I had thought before I was married that it would be awesome to decorate a home with my spouse until he really wanted to.  When I saw his apartment, I knew that it was not going to be easy to mesh our two tastes. Rick's taste was more modern; mine was very traditional.

Being at the new house meant that I could really make it my own.  Although I had lived on my own before getting married.  I had a very limited budge and very limited opportunity with my roommate who was there first.

When  I was able to decorate, I found most of my treasures at yard sales.  I love yard sales and it was a ritual with my friend Mary.  We would get up each Saturday morning and check what was out there.  It was too much fun.

I had to get the boys set up in their rooms and then made room for the guest room.  It was such a thrilled to feel that I had some choice.  It would be my time for what I wanted it.  I had to look at the positives through the situation even if I wasn't thrilled with it.

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  1. You really made that little house a home. It was so comfy and cozy.