Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Taking my boys for a sail

Toward the end of the summer, I decided to take Mike and Jack out together for a sail.   We got up early, packed lunches and looked for the wind.  It seemed like the wind was fine.  Michael was into Pokeman figures and brought several of them with him on the boat.  As we were leaving the dock, Chip warned me that there were wind gusts and to be careful.   It was an awesome day to be out on the river.

Michael was pretty bored with the whole ordeal.  He put all of his Pokeman figures on the gunnels and one went flying in the drink.  He was pretty calm considering.  I came about and let the sails luff as I got them situated to have our lunch; this was the part Michael loved of course.

Jack climbed up to the bow and laid his body over the boat and and dangled his hands in the water.  He was being a daredevil and I didn't like it.  I asked him to get back in the cockpit.  He wasn't  happy but he did it.  I let him take the tiller a bit and he helped me with the points of tack; Jack was doing great.

We made it back to the dock safely.  This was not Michael Sean's cup of tea but he really was a champ for  trying something new. It was probably the last time I would bring him out.  He was terrific but it was too boring for a little guy.

I was able to go out on my own and maintain control of the boat. with the two of them; this was a feat in itself.  I was making progress.

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