Saturday, March 26, 2011

Disney; The Great Distraction

Disney was a great idea.  The boys were excited as we flew together for the first time; Mike had never been on a plane before.  Negotiating the trip from the airport to the hotel was a bit of challenge but we made it.  Seeing everything for the first time through the boys' eyes was the real treat.  It could have been a little warmer in Florida but you can’t have everything.

The boys were very funny about the hotel room, thinking that it was so “cool;” it didn’t take much to impress them.  Our hotel included breakfast so we headed down in the morning and took the shuttle and were on our way to Disney World.  I rented a stroller for Mike because I knew his feet would get tired and then we would be dragging him through all the sights. 

We walked up the hill to the castle and just started looking for the right place to get on a ride.  Jack found one and we got in line; it was the Dumbo ride.  Jack was 12 by then and Michael was four.  Michael saw every new person as a new friend to chat with.  As we were standing in line, he looked up at the lady in front of us and said, “Hi, my name is Michael; my number is four.  This is my brother, Jack; his number is 12.”  Jack gave me a look like he wanted melt into the ground.  The woman started chatting with us and Michael told her about our trip.  Jack stood behind me to stay out of the line of questioning.

I was focused on the boys and having a good time.  It didn’t take away the ache in my heart but it sure did fill the time.  We walked and walked and rode and rode; we grabbed lunch at a restaurant with Mickey and Minnie.  Michael was fascinated with the characters, but not too keen on being near them.  We left the park around 3:30 because I knew they would be running out of gas fast.

We had dinner in the hotel and then we hurried up to our room.  I got them showered and in bed.  Michael was fast asleep in no time at all and Jack watched a show until he had to give in to the exhaustion.  It had been a great first day.

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