Thursday, March 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

We decorated the house for Christmas.  Rick and I had a tradition of buying ornaments from the time we got married.  If we looked at the ornaments it told the story of our life together from dating all the way through to the last time we had gone to the beach.  We hung the ornaments with Jack and he eventually would tell the stories.

We went with Steve, Karen and Paul out to a tree farm to get a tree that year.  It was a great adventure.  We drove to Berryville, VA and would walk through the farm looking for the perfect tree.  My brother came one night to put it up for us and to hang the lights.  It was very sad to put the ornaments on the tree.  Jack was still enthusiastic putting the ornaments up; Michael was fascinated but didn’t really understand the hole that Rick’s absence created. 

I shopped and wrapped and did all the pre-holiday work. It was torturous but had to be done.  On Christmas morning, I filmed the boys opening their gifts.  We were already packed for Florida.  When Steve arrived to pick us up to bring us to his mom’s, I opened the door and burst into tears.  He said, “It really sucks being you.”  “I know,” I replied.

Dinner was lovely and quick and before I knew it, we were leaving for the airport.  Each of the boys had their own rolling luggage.  We hopped on the plane and arrived in Florida around 8:30.  I had done it.  I was miserable and lonely but I had my boys and we were going to “do” Disney even if it killed me.  The first Christmas was over and I knew the next year had to be better.


  1. Remember how I always said (and still sometimes say) I hate Christmas. It's a tough holiday. In our heads everything is suppose to be just "picture perfect".

  2. Thanks for continuing to tell your story, friend.